Cloud and Edge Deployment

By offering complete services in DevOps engineering and deployment on edge platforms, we handle each step of your model deployment needs. We make sure this crucial step is handled in a scalable manner such that optimized performance is not compromised.

We use the latest technology stack.

Our practical experience with cloud technologies including GCP, AWS, and Lambda servers, along with edge devices such as NVIDIA Triton Servers, Intel Embedded and Arduino STM, allows us the ability to deploy your machine learning models on all platforms.

Continuous support

Model deployment is an integral part of the machine learning pipeline where optimized performance is key. With vast experience in creating dockerized solutions as well as networking frameworks such as gRPC and ZMQ, we make sure deployment is a smooth process for our clients. Moreover, we also offer server monitoring services through interactive dashboard applications such as Grafana to make sure server health can be observed and verified.

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