Object Detection

Object Detection enables you to identify objects in images, such as people or cars. When an image is provided to the service, it will return the names of the objects it detects, the location of the bounding box that contains each object, and their accuracy rates. You can easily make API calls from applications to analyze security camera footage, classify images, and more.

At Lvisionai, we provide a wide range of these services, making use of state-of-the-art Object Detection.

Object Detection & Recognition Solutions that Transform Operations

Our AI object detection & Recognition solutions are designed from scratch to help clients transform their operations by offering greater precision and a higher level of accuracy. We develop bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients while leveraging the capabilities of our advanced AI models for spatial and object recognition.

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02 - Training

03 - Workflow Customization

04 - Monitoring & Analytics

05 - Feedback

Object Counting & Classification

Detect objects, inventory, products to ensure product availability and placement.

Inspection & QA

Detect and identify defects in fixed assets and other anomalies to stay on top of possible problems.

Security & Threat Analysis

Detect anomalies at crowded events and get create alerts of possible threats based on object detection.

Livestock Management

Automate livestock detection and counting with predator threat detection and terrain mapping.

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