Speech Recognizer

Accurately convert speech into text with by the best of LvisionAI research and technology.

Top Grade Speech Recognizer Services

Identify individual objects in your images and data to create a granular understanding of the contents for your visual perception models. Leverage highly accurate annotated data to train your AI models to ensure maximum accuracy.

01 - Consultation

02 - Training

03 - Workflow Customization

04 - Monitoring & Analytics

05 - Feedback

State-of-the-art accuracy

Leverage Lvisionai most advanced deep learning neural network algorithms for automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Easy model customization

Experiment with, create, and manage custom resources with the Speech-to-Text UI.

Flexible model deployment

Deploy ASR wherever you need it, whether in the cloud with the API or on-premises with Speech-to-Text On-Prem.

Key features

1. Speech adaptation 2. Domain-specific models 3. Easily compare quality 4. Speech-to-Text On-Prem 5. Speech On-Device

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